The Best Prank Apps For Android And Ios


Then its time to step virtual number bangladesh a little further and make more elaborate pranks than the classical ones and whats better than using your mobile device to do this? In this article, weve gathered around the best prank apps available for your mobile device, specifically the Android and iOS. Prank* The sound pranks are ones of the most used and popular jokes that you could try (source) on your friends and colleagues. The Prank* application makes the whole process easier because now you have the leverage of portability and you can use this whenever and wherever you want.
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Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps

[AppBrain: Listen , Pandora , NPR News ] GasBuddy GasBuddy does one thing and one thing wellpoints out blog the places where you can fill up your car for less. On an Android, GasBuddy can map out or list nearby stations using your location, or search out spots where you’re heading to. You also get details about the station, including an address you can navigate to. [ Homepage ] [ AppBrain ] ParkDroid In cities, at stadiums, and other places where you walk a long way from where you park your car, you might have once said, “Boy, I should draw a map!” Now you just open ParkDroid, tag your location with your GPS powers, then go about your day until you’re ready to head back home. ParkDroid is more than just tagging, though. It pulls up paid and free parking locations from the web and maps them out, then also takes in free and paid parking finds from its users (unless you opt for “Private” when tagging).
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The Best Android Apps for Your Car

The Best Android Apps for Your Car

The best part of this launcher is its 3D widgets. Just tap a widget and it will pop out a 3D interactive widget. You can view the different times of the world, a 3D view of the moon, view prank call app for free your messages, view bar graphs, and much more. You can also view your panels on the home screen in 3D by tapping the button at the center of its dock.
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Best Android apps for personalizing and customizing your phone

Check out the free version to get a feel for the app before buying filters or buying the full version. Camera360 Camera 360 also applies filters and effects to your photos to try and spice them up, but the focus of this app isn’t just to make photos of your cat more palatable to your Twitter friends. Camera 360 has HDR effect filters, a tilt-shift and color-shift mode for your existing photos, and the ability to share those final photos on Facebook or Twitter. Twidroyd , Twicca , and TweetDeck Twitter clients are a point of contention for many people everyone has their favorite. If you dislike the official Twitter client, TweetDeck gives you access to your Twitter feed and your Facebook stream in one app, and many of you have suggested Twicca to us as a beautiful client that’s worth mention so we took a look . Also, it’s worth noting that Twidroyd was our App Pack selection for Best Twitter client .
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Six Best Android Applications for Businesses

QuickBooks Online Enjoy QuickBooks, the most popular cloud accounting solution, on the go. With this handy app, you can create invoices, input receipts, and much more right from your smart phone. Stay organized and keep your accounting software updated from a trade show or convention. EFax You do not need to have a clunky fax machine or find a fax service outlet when you download this app to your Android. You can send and receive faxes right from your phone. These can be stored documents, or you can even snap a photo and let the software enhance the image.
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