Essential Free Productivity Apps For Android Tablets

A.I.text FloatNSplit onscreen keyboard for Android

There’s a lot to like about the FloatNSplit business telefonanlage keyboard: with the tap of a button, it switches between the standard position at the bottom of the screen to three different dockable split views; you can create your own shortcuts for entering boilerplate text; and the program supports dozens of languages, although I tested only the English version. The FloatNSplit onscreen keyboard does a good job of predicting text entry. (Credit: Screenshot by Dennis O’Reilly/CNET) FloatNSplit includes several preformatted autotext shortcuts, such as the standard “too much information” (tmi) and almost-standard “laughing my head off” (lmho). When you hold and press several of its keys, more character, punctuation, and formatting options appear, so it isn’t necessary to switch to other key layouts. The program also converts speech to text with fairly good accuracy.
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Line for iOS and Android update adds video calls and Vine-like video sharing features

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This can help you shave off some minutes from your wireless talk plan, and in some cases, provide a more stable call connection. While free app to make international calls there are other choices in the realm of Android apps, these three are free and a good place to start if you’re not sure Wi-Fi calling is for you. Talkatone (Credit: Talkatone) First, you’ll want to install a copy of Talkatone on your Android device. Upon opening the app, you may be prompted to sign in. If not, tap the menu button on your device, then go into the Settings area. Press on the Add Google Account option, then sign in.
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Version 3.9, available on iPhone, Android and PCs also brings in other new features. This video sharing feature called Snap Movie essentially lets a user record 4-10 second videos with their choice of background music and share it with their friends on the app. The video will be posted on a persons chat window and will play on loop. Line has also posted a short tutorial on how exactly to use this feature. For now, this feature has been introduced on iOS and will arrive on Android in the coming weeks.
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3 Android apps for Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice

The addition introduces a “Free Call” button accessible from a Facebook buddy’s contact page. Those with Facebook Home also can initiate calls from Chat Heads, although it requires several clicks to do so: Click the three dots next to your contact’s name, select “Open in Messenger,” and then navigate to the person’s contact info. Once you finally get to the Free Call button, Facebook will dial up your friend over Wi-Fi or your phone’s data connection. Related posts China to lift Twitter, Facebook bans in Shanghai free-trade zone The social network has been pushing out the free calling functionality to people in various locales since early January. The VoIP option first started as a test for Canadian users of the company’s Messenger iPhone app in early January, but has since been added to Facebook’s full-featured iPhone app and carried over to Messenger for Android for people in 23 countries. Today’s update means the functionality is available to people in 24 countries.
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Facebook gives U.S. users free calls in Messenger for Android

By using the KeepCalling Android app , customers will save all phone charges that regularly apply when calling through access numbers. Moreover, customers can make an international call by simply using their phone Contacts. This way they basically skip 2 essential steps: theres no need to dial an access number and no need to dial the destination number, since customers can use their own contacts. Plus, any phone number saved on Speed Dial in the online account will automatically show up on the app.
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