Bbm For Android And Iphone: Messenger App Release Delayed By Blackberry

Line for iOS and Android update adds video calls and Vine-like video sharing features

The app was originally set to be available in Google Play on September 21 and the App Store on September 22. Blackberry released a statement Saturday (Sept. 21) addressing the delay of the global BBM rollout for Android and iOS. According to Blackberry, a leaked version of BBM for Android leaked online prior to the official release date.
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3 Android apps for Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice

Using one of these apps will allow you to sign in with your Google Voice number/account and dial calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This can help you shave off some minutes from your wireless talk plan, and in some cases, provide a more stable call connection. While there are other choices in the realm of Android apps, these three are free and a good place to start if you’re not sure Wi-Fi calling is for you. Talkatone (Credit: Talkatone) First, you’ll want to install a copy of Talkatone on your Android device. Upon opening best free call app android the app, you may be prompted to sign in.
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Tech World PR Boondoggle of the week! Did Samsung Pay a $1 Billion Fine to Apple in 5 Cent Coins?

Also, the app permits users to rate the pranks and share them via their favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, or by email. If you are interested in early bird venture capital this application its good to know that is free for download only for Android mobile devices, so go to the following link and install one of the completest prank applications available on the market. iFool iFool is an application which impresses every user who tries it, because its very versatile, letting them to change the pranks so that they will be more suitable for the person that gets it. Users can find both simple and complex pranks that will confuse, shock or amuse their friends and colleagues.
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The Best Prank Apps for Android and iOS


The video will be posted on a persons chat window and will play on loop. Line has also posted a short tutorial on how exactly to use this feature. For now, this feature has been introduced on iOS and will arrive on Android in the coming weeks. In addition to the above, all the versions get a video call feature, wherein users can switch between video and voice anytime during the call. virtual phone number to email
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Sygic brings free GPS Navigation app for Android devices

Sygic India: GPS Navigation, previously offered at INR 1399, is now free on Google Play , removing a barrier to entry for millions of customers. The sophisticated app is powered by map data from MapmyIndia, the provider of the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate road maps available for all of India. Due to its heavy traffic conditions, and unreliable data connections in many rural areas, quality offline maps are particularly important for millions of drivers in India, as well as visiting tourists to the country. Now India’s 60 million Android users and any other visitor can access helpful voice-guided GPS navigation and a robust set of tools to help them navigate to their desired destination. Already the world leader in offline GPS navigation, Sygic provides over 30,000,000 global users with navigation in 115 countries, and integrates data from leading travel and mapping companies like TomTom and TripAdvistor to give drivers an unmatched navigation experience.
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