Best-rated Apps 2011: Mobilewalla Ranks Users’ Favorites For Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Best music apps for your smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Windows)


SuperTube : 88.4 out of 100 “Enables you to play and download YouTube videos in HQ and HD by 3G or WiFi.” —– Boy, BlackBerry owners really like their animated wallpapers and themes, huh? A few other observations: – Gamers on three of the operating systems rated games that could be placed in the “send an animal flying using slopes and hills” category — Penguin on Windows Phone, Tiny Wings on iOS and Dragon Fly on Android all have the same basic game play. – Photo editing and maintenance also won big across OS’s — Pixlr-o-matic for Android, PhotoFunia for Windows Phone, and Lock My Photos on iOS – BlackBerry users hate fun. This was the only OS without a game in the top apps, either paid or free. – iPhone envy? BlackBerry’s “Slide to Unlock” app mimics the unlocking mechanism that Apple owns the patent for, while Windows Phone’s iFun straight up replicates the iPhone’s interface.
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Best iPhone and Android Weather Apps for Surviving the Summer

Shocking NYC Crime Scenes Locations Then and Now

It offers a free streaming service for your desktop, but youll have to telefonanlage unternehmen pay for the monthly service to use the mobile app. Its worth it though. Just ask our resident Spotify addict, Jeff Van Camp . (free) Somewhere between the randomness utah virtual academy fax number of discovering new music on the radio and the tediousness of searching for new bands manually lies Its done a fantastic job of porting all the features from the full site into various mobile apps, which makes it one of the best music internet radio/music discovery apps you can get on your phone.
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The best united states Android tethering apps

Pinch virtual phone number and text messaging in on the screen and you can add multiple locations. No, it’s not the most informative app out there, but sometimes all you want is some simplicity. Free, iPhone and Android Yahoo Yahoo Weather Yahoo, on the other hand, gives you the eye-candy and the information. Available for the iPhone and Android, the newly redesigned app pulls in Flickr international free calls app images to match the weather and time of day at your location. Swipe up and you’ll get more detailed information, including a five-day forecast, a radar map (only available for iPhone), and sun and moon information.
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Youll need to tether. Your wireless carrier wants you to pay extra for the privilege of tethering. Unfortunately for customers, this practice has no rational justification. In terms of cost to the carriers, there is no difference between using data on your Android phone and using that data on another device.
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