Best New Apps: Simplenote For Android

Messaging app aims to be a safer Snapchat

The Wickr self-destructing messaging app is coming to Android phones Monday.

The app is just one long, running list of notes you’ve taken, black text on a white background. Press the plus button to add another note and just start typing. You can sort by tags or pin certain notes to the top of the list, but Simplenote is designed to work like Gmail: you want something, you search for it. Search is instant and ongoing, reorganizing your list with every character you type. Everything is kept up to date with Simplenote’s web service, and there are apps for almost every platform that sync with its backend; if you don’t want to sign up, you can just use the app on your phone. Not many options, but that’s mostly a good thing The app is incredibly basic, almost to a fault; you can’t change the sans-serif font, or even the font size.
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bna simple

People are another potential weak link — someone could steal your phone while you are logged in. Or the person on the receiving end of your messages could violate your trust and share the information. “You have to remember, there’s no magic pill for betrayers,” said Sell. Unlike Snapchat, Wickr doesn’t give a notification when someone captures a screenshot.
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Mobile printing: A guide for the BYOD world

Google Cloud Print

You can scan this code with the Lexmark Mobile Printing app to add the printer to your phone. Samsung Mobile Print :Use iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices to virtual numbers toronto print webpages, photos, PDFs, or Office documents or scan directly to your device. (Note: The Windows Phone version of Mobile Print can be used only with Samsung mobile devices.) Scans can then be internet uploaded to cloud services like Dropbox. The app works with most Samsung printers with built-in ethernet or Wi-Fi, primarily including the CLP, CLX, ML, and SCX lines. Using third-party tools to print Your best bet is to use one of the above tools to print directly to your printer. Manufacturers own apps will have the most features and, generally, fewer bumps along the road.
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BBM app for Android virtual phone number with text messaging can be downloaded, but doesn’t work

Sadly though the app is locked to the select few in the beta programme, and unless you’re on a whitelist of approved users the app just call app android won’t work. The new BBM app lets you send and receive instant text messages to and from other BBMers, even if you no longer own a BlackBerry. BlackBerry wants to remind former BB fans who have since switched to the iPhone and more affordable Android phones, replacing BBM with chat apps like WhatsApp or Samsung ChatOn that send and receive messages to anyone regardless of what phone they have. A note of caution: be careful before installing any app claiming to be BBM. Ne’er-do-wells have attacked impatient BBMers with fake BBM apps packed withads, spam or worse. The new app will have instant messaging and group chat from the start, with voice calls to follow later. Will you come back to BBM or have you switched to another service?
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