New Rebtel App Design For Android Helps People Stay Closer To Their Loved Ones

T-Mobile Android Users Get Free WiFi Calling

The person you call doesnt need to be a Rebtel user, but if they are, you can call each other for free. Along with the launch on iOS in July , todays launch on Android means that 95 percent of the companys smartphone app users will be able to take advantage of even more exciting new ways to call and stay connected than ever before. Our first launch of Rebtel 3.0 has received an overwhelming response and were excited to bring our brand new design concept to millions of Android users globally, Pelle Lindhe, head of apps, said. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a close relationship with a small but important group of people, and our latest app to call international product and pipeline of innovations are a clear step forward in helping you improve and strengthen these relationships. *Data and Local Minute Calling If you have a cellular or WiFi Internet connection, Rebtel lets you use data to call others. If you have a poor Internet connection or would like to take advantage of your cellular plans free local minutes, you can virtual number israel use them for a international Rebtel calls. About Rebtel Rebtel is an app company that connects you with your loved ones. Over 23 million callers use the service worldwide and its biggest fans use theappregularly online to stay close to their most important relations.
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Viber To Release Free Calling, Messaging App For Android This Week

The benefits, however, seem to make up for it. While Viber doesnt make much sense to download and use the app on AT&Ts 3G network, since AT&T offers free calling between iPhone users, it does make a difference for those calling outside their country. Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make free phone calls to other iPhone users that have Viber installed, the developer explains. When you use Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free, and the sound quality is much better than a regular call. You can call any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free. All Viber features are 100% FREE and do not require any additional in application purchase, the iTunes description reveals.
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3 Android apps for Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice

Related stories Get a high-quality ‘Read Aloud’ voice in Google Play Books Unfortunately, Google has done very little with Google Voice in the last five years. Perhaps as a result of carriers being unwilling to play ball, the service is good but not great. Indeed, I am still unable to send and receive picture messages. What’s more, it is still only offered in the United States. Small drawbacks aside, I cannot say enough about swapping phones in and out and keeping the same phone number. It is quite comforting to know that I can resume conversations from phone or tablet and even jump to PC for calls and messages.
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Forget Your iPhone’s Phone App, Use Viber – Free Calls over WiFi, 3G

That’s where Android apps like Talkatone, GrooVeIP, and Phone for Google Voice and GTalk come into play. Using one of these apps will allow you to sign in with your Google Voice number/account and dial calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This can help you shave off some minutes from your wireless talk plan, and in some cases, provide a more stable call connection. While there are other choices in the realm of Android apps, these three are free and a good place to start if you’re not sure Wi-Fi calling is for you. Talkatone (Credit: Talkatone) First, you’ll want to install a copy of Talkatone on your Android device. Upon opening the app, you may be prompted to sign in.
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Rebtel Android 3.0 Phone book

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Five great Android Wi-Fi calling apps

If youre on T-Mobile and have an Android device, chances are you know all about Smart Wi-Fi, an application allows you to make calls on via WiFi. T-Mobiles Smart WiFi app comes pre-installed on Android phones that support UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access). Previously, making use of this feature cost extra and those WiFi calls counted towards your minutes. However, T-Mobile today confirmed to GigaOm that customers with compatible phones and subscriptions to its Even More or Even More Plus plans will now be allowed to make calls over WiFi for free. “T-Mobile is excited to expand our Wi-Fi Calling feature, a unique and valuable service T-Mobile has been offering customers for over three years. Starting today, T-Mobile customers can add Free Wi-Fi Calling to their rate plan at no additional charge to place calls over Wi-Fi without deducting from their allotment of minutes.
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