Essential Free Productivity Apps For Android Tablets

Viber : Free Messages & Calls 3.0.1 (for Android)

But FloatNSplit’s word-prediction function fell flat when I tested it with the Kingsoft word processing app, which I’ll discuss below. There’s a lot to like about the FloatNSplit keyboard: with the tap of a button, it switches between the standard position at the bottom of (visit site) the screen to three different dockable split views; you can create your own shortcuts for entering boilerplate text; and the program supports dozens of languages, although I tested only the English version. The FloatNSplit read this onscreen keyboard does a good job of predicting text entry. (Credit: Screenshot by app make free calls Dennis O’Reilly/CNET) FloatNSplit includes several preformatted autotext shortcuts, such as the standard “too much information” (tmi) and almost-standard “laughing my head off” (lmho).
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Make Free VoIP Calls On Android With The Soon To Be Launched Viber App


Related stories Get a high-quality ‘Read Aloud’ voice in Google Play Books Unfortunately, Google has done very little with Google Voice in the last five years. Perhaps as a result of carriers being unwilling to play ball, the service is good but not great. Indeed, I am still unable to send and receive picture messages. What’s more, it is still only offered in the United States.
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Five great Android Wi-Fi calling apps

Oddly, the Android version defaults to American Samoa for the region code, but it’s the same as the United States setting. Viber even verifies itself by sending a text message to your phone, and automatically detects the included activation code so you don’t have to enter it yourselfa feature I really liked. View all 5 photos in gallery For better or worse your Viber account is tied to your existing phone number. As far as I can tell, this means you have to deactivate your Viber account and export your message data when you get a new device with a different number. It check it out also means you can’t set up Viber on a device without a phone numbersuch as a tablet.
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The call quality was not great, however it was significantly better than the Android Skype app. I also had a chance to test the text messaging service which, functioned as promised. The app has been very popular with iPhone users since its launch in December last year. Most of my friends and family have already been using this app for voice calls and text messages.
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